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About us

4 months before the pandemic, that is, December 2019, One2en was launched. By the time we booked a co-working space, it was April 2020, and we found ourselves helping healthcare startups reach the masses; remotely. Education was a victim – and we ended up working with ed-tech startups as well. FMCGs.. well, they were essentials.

Experience and Team work – that’s all we had while hustling from homes & cafes.

And this has come quite handy when we accelerate the growth of well-deserving brands.


Public Relations

Online news or print newspapers, and TV or Radio, we help you reach your focus audience with a narrative they love to talk about and share.


For advertising, we follow a result-driven approach. Whether its social media, search, or native ads, we try that each impression delivers value today, or later.

Our Esteemed Clients

**Feel free to ask if you want to check our past work in your industry.

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