Why startups need Public Relations

With the sudden boom of startups in India, it has become important for startups to promote themselves.

  • Public Relations, as a budget-friendly exercise, can deliver greater mileage to advertising dollars and build brand/founder credibility & visibility at the same time.
  • Public Relations enables startups to raise awareness around the problem they solve, and bring limelight to the product/service, or (if applicable), promote its sustainable and environmentally friendly nature.
  • If your startup even has one of these elements then you can emerge as a thought leader amongst entrepreneurs and in the business world. 
  • Successful PR strategies can help you gain customers, potential customers, partners, and shareholders who will help in the long run to establish the business.

All startups need PRs, in order to bring them into the positive limelight and let the world know about their product, purpose, and passion. A PRs job is to highlight every unique aspect of the business to attract the audiences, stakeholders, and other business’s attention.

PRs can help startup leaders to come up and speak their own stories and inspire people by being thought leaders. Thought leaders are seen as inspirations who can guide and help explain the startup journey for other aspiring entrepreneurs. Startup PRs grab all the opportunities wherein they can highlight the startup with short-term goals but a long-term vision. From interview opportunities, authored articles, quotes, and comments by the Founder/CEO/Spokesperson they can create a swirling wind of recognition that will help your startup to gain the deserved traction and recognition.

  1. Secure funding/investment

Securing funding for your startup is extremely important and a daunting task at the very beginning. But, if you surpass this, you will sail smoothly in the startup journey. Right from the announcement of the startup which needs funding, PRs can actually help by brainstorming the right angles to pitch media to attract potential investors. PRs can help portray the image of a beneficial and actual revenue-generating startup. It’s very important to share the idea, vision, and mission and how far your startup has come, and how far you plan to go to be highlighted on the right platform in front of the right set of audiences which might include shareholders, investors, etc.

  1. Gives an edge over competitors

PR-backed-up startups definitely earn an edge. As they have a team who can guide them on what is highlight worthy and what should be ignored. PRs are also responsible for keeping an eye wide open on competitors’ next moves including new product/service launches, any new funding, upcoming plan, new investor, or any activity which might affect your startup or business. PRs help you provide a platform where you can honestly keep your business viewpoint in front of the media and attract customers and investors easily. 

  1. Grow user/customer base

PRs can help grow your business by making the media put you in the limelight if your product is unique, beneficial for the customers, and if it’s solving a problem that other competitors are lacking. This helps to actually create a buzz around your business and which makes the customers visit your website and track your social media and will be interested to know about your business and offerings beneficial for the customers. This is actually the best way to quickly boost the recognition of your brand without self-promotion or advertising.

  1. Attract quality talent

When your startup has gained the trust and built a reputation in the market, everyone would love to join and work with you toward your mission and goal. The startup era attracts people to expand themselves in every sphere. People who see value in your business will surely come up and work with you. In the initial days, it’s difficult to attract quality talent but once you have established yourself it becomes an easy process. Also, having quality talent is what will help you grow and expand your business and hence will be beneficial for both the talent and the business leading to a win-win situation. 

  1. Educate the audience about the product/service/idea

This should be an initial goal of PR while working with startups. It’s the product/service/idea which will grab everyone’s attention. Henceforth, you have to consistently be vocal about the product on every platform possible. Focus on talking about idea generation and what problem it’s solving initially rather than other business aspects. Remember “Customer is King”, if you satisfy customers then your job is half done.

  1. Emerging as a Thought Leader

Becoming a thought leader is essentially important. Your fellow entrepreneurs, customers, and shareholders would want to know where you got the inspiration from and how you started your venture. From idea generation, motivation, and planning to capital allocation. The entire process and how you tackle all the hurdles and also find and hire the right people in your startup. Having gained knowledge and skills to run a startup, people will see you as a thought leader and would want to know the do’s and don’ts and in between and more regarding the startup.

  1. Expansion

PR can help you with expansion as the media always needs insights based on statistical data and numbers. Through the announcement of the expansion, PRs can help you reach out to potential investors and shareholders which will help you in your business expansion and growth. The possibility of the news reaching authentic and potential investors is extremely high with the help of Public Relations.

PR is a sustainable way of marketing to grow your business, as a startup business gaining credibility is a vital point and PR is the best method to achieve that.

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